Bali Summer Course
Denpasar-Bali.  INDONESIA
July 24 -29, 2017


Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy (SAFE-Network) in collaboration with Warmadewa University-INDONESIA and ANDALAS UNIVERSITY-INDONESIA  invite students who come from each member country of SAFE-Network to join Bali Summer Course in Denpasar, Bali.  This is the second Summer Course after BSC2016 last year.   A total number of participants is limited to max 30 students.


1.Introduction to Sustainability and  Applying Sustainability Thinking in Life
2.From Zero to Hero: Land Transformation
3.Concept of Balinese Sustainable Agricultural Practice: Subak,   Simantri, Organic farming, coral transplantation
4.SRI for Sustainable Rice Production
5.Sustainable Weed Management
6.Organic Farming
7.Sustainable Food Production and Consumption
8.Sustainable Energy
9. The concept of Agrotourism
10. Sustainable Agribusiness
11. Meliponiculture: A Sustainable Livelihood Opportunity for Rural Communities
12. Field trip, city tour, and visiting of agriculture festival exhibition


1.Prof.Dr. Wan Mokhtar Wan YusoffUniversiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
2.Boedi SoehardiCNN Hero 2009
3.Dr. Wahyudi David, Bakrie  University-Indonesia
4.Dr. Novizar Nazir-Andalas University-INDONESIA/SAFE-Network
5.Dr. Irawati Chaniago-Andalas University/SAFE-Network
6.Dr. Amelia Nicolas, Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA)-Philippines
7.Dr. Hanilyn Hidalgo, Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA)-Philippines
8. DR. GEORGINA J. BORDADO,  Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA)-Philippines
9. Prof. MIA BELLA FRESNIDO, Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA)-Philippines
10. Dr. Norman de Jesus, Pampanga State Agricultural University-Philippines
11.Dr. Angelia de Jesus, Pampanga State Agricultural University-Philippines
12.Dr. Wawan Sujarwo, Bali Botanical Garden–INDONESIA
13. Dr. Justinus Satrio, Villanova University-USA
14. Prof. Dr. Nobutaka Ito, Chiang Mai University-THAILAND


Please send your application to  Please mention your motivation statement  to join this summer course.  Closing date for Registration is July 1, 2017


The amount of contribution should be paid to organizing commitee to join this summer course is US $ 125 .  It will cover course materials,  accommodation, food, cost transportation during course,  field trip and city tour. Committee is not responsible for flight ticket to  summer course


Dr. I Gusti Bagus Udayana/ Mr. Mangku Pasek
Jalan Terompong No. 24 Denpasar, Bali. INDONESIA
Phone: +62 0361 223858, fax: +62 0361 235073.